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 Hypnosis is to therapy what broadband is to internet.

 Relaxation therapy & hypnosis — amazing forms of healing therapy.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for helping people reach their potential, and we offer it as a compliment to the psychotherapy process. I say it’s a compliment to the process, but don’t want to downplay what a crucial role it can play in unraveling the complex ways in which we allow ourselves to fail to reach our potential. In my experience, hypnotherapy is the most powerful tool I have ever seen to facilitate insight into issues, build self esteem, and to heal emotional wounds. Over and over again I stand in awe of the process as I witness clients who have tried a variety of different ways to heal their lives and end up succeeding after a few sessions of hypnotherapy.

So what is this powerful form of healing therapy? First, let me tell you what it’s not. Hypnotherapy is not the controlling hocus pocus baloney often presented in movies, on television, and in cartoons. A person who undergoes hypnotherapy cannot be made to say or do anything he or she does not want to do, cannot be made to bark like a dog, and cannot be controlled in any way by a hypnotherapist. A person is aware enough during any session that he or she could get up and walk out at any time.

Some clients have told me that they don’t believe they could be “hypnotized,” but after a simple explanation of what it really is, they usually change their mind. The first step in understanding this is knowing that there are five levels of consciousness, and they are:

  1. Awake – Aware and actively engaged in thinking and conversation.
  2. Light trance. Lightly relaxed.
  3. Medium trance. Very relaxed.
  4. Heavy trance. Deeply relaxed.
  5. Sleep. You know what this is.

So long as a person is not completely awake and engaged in conversaton and is not asleep, hypnotherapy is effective. It doesn’t make a difference how deep the trance, or how deep the feeling of relaxation is, as long as a person is relaxed and focused on the voice of the hypnotherapist, it will work. In a nutshell, the most important thing is to be able to be still, let go, and focus on what the hypnotherapist is saying.

Here’s what happens during a session: A hypnotherapist uses words and music to relax an individual. I often describe the experience as a “guided fantasy,” in which a person is taken in their mind to beautiful and relaxing places, and once there, the healing work will take place. Studies show that when an individual is in a state of total relaxation, he or she is highly “suggestable,” and is also able to recall things from the past that are not easy to remember when fully awake and aware. During the entire time, you will be observing everything that goes on, and will be able to remember all or most of it.

Once a client is relaxed, a hypnotherapist uses verbal techniques to suggest emotional or behavioral change or improvement, and can also revisit situations and issues from the past and resolve them during the process. The person undergoing the therapy is able to speak and converse throughout the process.

A hypnotherapist can work on any number of issues from childhood wounds to negative inner voices, annoying habits, self esteem, eating disorders, and more. The possibilities of what can be worked on are literally endless. Speaking to a person while deeply relaxed is a way to access the subconscious mind, which is the control center for everythng we do.

I was trained in hypnotherapy by a university professor, Ph.D. counselor and hypnotherapist in 2004, am certified in Arkansas as a hypnotherapist, and since that time have had hundreds of hours of experience of successfully working with people who want to improve different areas of their lives using hypnotherapy. In addition to individual sessions, I also offer customized hypnotherapy CD’s that can be used at home – all you have to do is order one on our “Contact Becky” page.

Although I am a fan of hypnotherapy because I have seen it change lives, I only use it with clients who are comfortable with the idea, and never use it with those who are not. I am sure that the clients who have experienced it would tell you that it has been an enormously powerful and positive life changing experience for them. I often tell people before their first session that when it’s over, they’ll feel like they’ve had a “mental massage.” When we’re done, they say, “You know that thing you said about mental massage? That’s exactly what it feels like!”

For clients wanting to focus on hypnotherapy for behavior adjustments or emotional healing, I recommend 90-minute sessions the first time. * Cost for a 90-minute hypnotherapy session is $250. – a small investment for a life-changing experience. After the initial session, one-hour sessions are $160.*We use hypnotherapy in conjunction with talk therapy because I believe it is the combination of both that is most effective.

For more information or an appointment call 501-590-9200 or e-mail: becky@doctorbecky.com.

NEW!!! Doctor Becky is offering MONDAY LUNCH HOUR GROUP HYPNOTHERAPY SESSIONS from 12-12:45 for relaxation, increased focus and self esteem. It is open to anyone, but call first to confirm: (501)590-9200. Cost $15.


Try a 22-minute sample of a basic hypnotherapy session. Here’s how to prepare:

  1. Get in a quiet place — turn off phones, etc.
  2. Lay or sit down, and let your body relax …
  3. Click on the image to download and listen to the session!

More hypnosis audios available!!

I have created a variety of guided imagery and hypnosis audios that may be downloaded in our new online store. There you find hypnosis audios on:

  • Pain Relief
  • Sleep issues
  • Depression
  • Self Esteem
  • Smoking
  • Weight Loss
  • Fears
  • Anxiety
  • Relaxing guided imagery
  • Overcoming trauma, loss, and heartbreak
  • Plus custom audios can be made just for you by emailing me here.

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