Live from the Texas Association of Marriage & Family Therapists…

Hello from Ft. Worth, Texas!

You know, it’s not such a bad thing to spend an entire day listening to Susan Johnson, the creator and brainchild behind Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Johnson is a genius and master therapist, yet she is engaging and funny to listen to. One thing I’ve gotten from her so far today is that she believes most relational problems are due to attachment issues, and that if we can get our relationships to a point where both individuals feel safe with the other, then magic can happen. I do agree that if we boil it all down, Johnson’s mantra that, "What we all need is to know that you’re going to be there for me," is vital. She says that humans have been in a trend of isolating and going it alone, and this creates health problems, misery, and shortened lives.

"We all need one or two humans in the world to care about us," she says. "We each need to know that we can reach out a hand to one or two people on the planet who will take it and squeeze back."

That, she says, is the key to thriving physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So … do you all have that one or two humans on the planet that you can touch and who will be there for you?? When fighting life’s dangers and pitfalls, knowing someone else is there for you means the difference of having a will to fight .. otherwise, what’s the use?

Stay tuned for more live comments from Ft. Worth!!

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