Question in the mailbox — can YOU answer it before I do?

Hot off the press … tonight I received this email from a woman who has a very interesting problem and needs help. I thought I would pose it here for you to see, and see if anyone has any ideas or suggestions. As always, I’ll provide my own thoughts in the coming hours and days …

Doctor Becky,
I am a  45-year-old  mother of two wonderful teen age boys. My husband is 49, and not the same man I married. He used to be active and fun, but he is becoming  more critical and sarcastic all the time. I can’t remember a time recently when he laughed with our family.  He snaps and barks out of the blue, and his comments offend others.  He has added about 50 pounds to his frame in the last few years, and doesn’t like to exercise to lose the weight.  
One of my friends says it sounds like male menopause. What’s  that?
He won’t see a doctor for his health or a counselor for his moods, because he thinks he is always right these days. Instead of apologizing for his comments, he says,  "You shouldn’t have taken it that way." 
And more importantly, how can I  help my two caring, big-hearted sons to stay the way they are, and not follow the example of their dad when they begin dating relationships?



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