Becky makes (at least) one man angry …

Hello Readers …

Well, it had to happen. One man read what I wrote about many men being emotionally unavailable, and responded angrily via email at Here’s what he said:

Dear Doctor Becky,

Are you kidding me?? I just read what you wrote in your "men asking for help" (blog) column. OK, I admit most of us have that issue … BUT … has anyone told you how emotionally unavailable women are?? Dear Lord!! Maybe with so many of us men and women being unable to hook up (I suppose it is because we’re off in emotional outer space) then maybe it’s God’s way of  ending humanity as we know it. What do you think about that?


Tom in D.C.

Dear Tom,

Wow, what a thought-provoking missive you have sent my way. Thanks for writing. Now, let’s get to it …

Uh … well, I’d like to think that whatever person’s spiritual beliefs (or not), people who think about things like this such as scientists, religious folk, and whoever is left, might be able to agree that humans are probably not meant to isolate and be alone. In fact, I think it’s pretty common knowledge among sociologists and others who study too much that humans thrive when they have human connection, and don’t when they don’t. Humans are like plants and need water and sunlight, and if you put the plant in a closet and ignore it, it will die.

Now, as far as women go, yes, yes, many are emotionally unavailable, and I’d like to help my gender with that as I’d like to help men because I believe we all thrive and are happiest when we have human connection. Stay tuned here and I will address the HUMAN condition of withdrawing and isolating due to painful life experiences … and stay in touch!

Dr. B

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