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Energy Healing by Lee Ellis, LCSW – Tapping, Theta healing and more.

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“If your relationship is in trouble, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve researched how marriages fail, I understand what’s going on, and I have answers that will help you through your worry and confusion. ” — Dr. Becky Whetstone

Welcome to, Dr. Becky Whetstone’s cyber office that is dedicated to providing information about maintaining and maximizing your mental health, as well as how to live a joyful and abundant life.

Speaking of living a joyful and abundant life, have you achieved all that you are hoping for? Do you even know what YOU are looking for? Are you living the life you want to be living? Do you know who you are and what brings you joy? Are your relationships all you want them to be? If the answer is yes, congratulations. If it’s no, then maybe we can help.

Becky sees individuals 16-years-old and above, as well as couples, and families. She also organizes groups, workshops, and seminars. In addition to talk therapy, Becky offers alternative forms of healing therapy such as hypnotherapy & relaxation therapy.

So how does a person know if he or she needs professional counseling? To find out, Becky suggests asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I know who the real me is?
  • Do I live life using a facade?
  • Am I afraid for people to know the real me?
  • Do I lead a joyful life?
  • Am I finding it difficult to pursue goals or to reach my potential?
  • Am I stressed, depressed, or unable to cope?
  • Do I have turmoil-filled relationships?
  • Do I feel fear, shame, doubt, guilt, anger over past issues?
  • Do I feel my life is not moving forward?
  • Do I make decisions in my life based on fear, shame, doubt, guilt and anger?
  • Have I lost the energy to do much of anything?
  • Do I involve myself in relationships that weigh me down instead of lift me up?
  • Do I feel I am not good/smart enough?
  • Am I unhappy in my relationships?
  • Am I unwilling to emotionally connect in relationships?
  • Am I afraid to be alone?
  • Do I stay in unhappy relationships because of my fear of being alone?
  • Do I do things to please others instead of myself?
  • Do I mold myself to be who others think I should be, instead of just showing the world the real me?
  • Do I have lots of ideas but little or no motivation or follow through?

If you are experiencing any of these issues, chances are you would benefit from psychotherapy, relaxation therapy or a combination of the two. Becky works WITH her clients to decide what will work best for them.

It is exciting for a psychotherapist to be flexible in the therapeutic process,” says Whetstone. “I personally don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all method of doing counseling. Some counselors work from one theory … I take ideas from a wide variety of theories and do whatever it takes to promote understanding and healing.”

Think about this – the body is like a garbage receptacle that collects negative energy and emotions – when was the last time you cleaned out the mess? Leaving unprocessed emotions inside is what, in many cases, causes depression, anxiety, and discontentment. It affects your relationships and your health.

Our bodies are sensitive, and if we hold emotional “stuff” inside long enough, we will surely begin to notice it in the form of migraines, body aches, stomach upsets, lack of energy, or other health problems. Do you have health issues that a doctor has been unable to find a cause for? If so, it is likely that your interior issues have taken hold, so why wait another day to get healthy?

Becky recommends processing issues whether you have a little tweaking to do, worry about troubling problems or behavioral patterns, or whether you’re emotionally distraught.

“I specialize in working with those who are suffering from severe emotional devastation,” she says. “I want to get you on the fastest road to healing in a compassionate and caring atmosphere.”


NEUROFEEDBACK COMING TO LITTLE ROCK! We are happy to announce that the newly formed Brain Change Center will soon be making the NeuroOptimal dynamic neurofeedback system available to patients and clients who want to change their lives in a drug-free, proactive way. There are so many brain function issues that the NeuroOptimal system can assist with that there is no room to mention them here (See our neurofeedback page). A few of the most common ones are anxiety, depression, obsessiveness, concentration and focus, ADD, ADHD and sleeplessness. These systems are used by business people, professional athletes and their organizations,  families (adults and children), and are the cutting edge tool for working with trauma and PTSD. We are happy to refer clients to the Brain Change Center, and expect the NeuroOptimal system will be available and beginning sessions in March. Disclaimer: The Brain Change Center is owned by Becky’s husband, Dr. John Cheairs. For more information visit the NeuroOptimal web site, call the Brain Change Center at 501-416-7899, or email To learn more on this site, go to our neurofeedback page.

DOCTOR BECKY’S NATIONAL WEB SITE DEDICATED TO MARRIAGE CRISIS MANAGEMENT. The site you are on serves Becky’s private practice clients who visit her face-to-face, and who also seek online counseling and couple’s therapy. The new site serves the USA, Canada and the world, and its purpose is to educate people about relationships and to provide emergency coaching and consulting for those experiencing marriage crisis. As it grows there will be weekly webinars, podcasts, as well as YouTube videos and more. “My dream is to have a network of therapists and other people nationwide who can help people experiencing marriage crisis,” she says. “The site is in its infancy, but its still pretty cool – check it out!” Find it here:, and tell all your friends!

DISCERNMENT COUNSELING. Now offering this specialized form of counseling for couples on the brink. This is for the couple where one person is almost certain they want out of the marriage while the other is desperate to save it. Discernment counseling offers decision-making counseling in five sessions or less led in a deliberate process created by respected researcher and Marriage & Family Therapist Bill Doherty from the University of Michigan. In the process you will be led to consider things you might not have thought of … helping you make sure you are making the wisest decision for you and your family. Doctor Becky has been trained through the Doherty Institute in this process. For more information click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

JOIN BECKY IN HER PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP … You can benefit from  working with Doctor Becky today by joining and participating in her private Facebook group, Doctor Becky’s Codependency Class – Learn, Grow, Change by clicking here. If you wondering whether you are codependent or not, Becky wants you to know you probably are, because she has yet to meet anyone who isn’t. That may mean you don’t understand exactly what it is and how it sabotage’s our lives. On the Facebook page you’ll learn all about it and also learn how to improve the quality of all aspects of your life. Share your story and issues, and we’ll help.

LEE ELLIS OFFERING AMAZING ENERGY HEALING WORK WITH IMPRESSIVE RESULTS! Doctor Becky’s office mate is Lee Ellis, LCSW. Lee is adding a well-needed dynamic to the office with her energy healing work. Energy healing has to do with helping people who are bogged down with issues and negative energy keeping them from a happy life, by clearing it out at a subconscious level. Similar to hypnosis, Lee gets quick results in a short period of time. Find out more about what Lee does on the About Becky Whetstone & Lee Ellis page, as well as on our counseling information page. Lee accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance! Call Lee today for an appointment at (501) 993-9023 or email

DOCTOR BECKY IS A HUFFINGTON POST BLOGGER! Anyone who knows Doctor Becky knows her dream is to change the world by writing about how to have healthy relationships! In the 1990s she was a relationship columnist for the San Antonio Express-News, and since then she has written occasionally for other, smaller venues. Recently the Huffington Post, a national online newspaper, asked for a few quotes form Doctor Becky, and afterwards she was invited to blog. Stay tuned to all of her blog posts here and in the Huffington Post Divorce section. You can also like her on Facebook on the page, Marriage Crisis Manager, Twitter @DoctorBecky and Google+.

MARRIAGE MARATHONS – HALF DAY or FULL DAY SESSIONS. New! We’ve set aside Fridays for the mini and full day marathons! Ever wonder who does unique, creative, half-day or all-day couple’s intensives right here in Little Rock? Look no further. Becky does it, and highly recommends that couples carve out the time to have this amazing experience. “If every couple would do the half-day mini marathon for the first visit we can get so much more done,” says Becky. “It really helps to have that much time together in one long block.” To learn more, click here.

HAVE YOU SKYPED OR FACE TIMED WITH YOUR THERAPIST LATELY? Doctor Becky keeps in touch with many of her Texas clients and others throughout the USA and the world via Skype and Facetime, and even does telephone sessions with them, as well as with Arkansas clients who don’t live near Little Rock. Live video sessions using either Skype or Face Time are very effective and time efficient — no travel time to the therapist’s office! She highly encourages clients new and old to give the latest video technology a shot with their sessions … you will be very surprised at how much we can achieve!

QUESTIONS? If you have a question you want answered on this site, visit our “Contact Us” page by clicking here now, or e-mail at Note: Please understand that Becky receives many questions and answers as many as possible as time allow … if you send a question and it is answered, you agree that it may be published on this or any web site associated with Becky Whetstone, with the understanding that she will change your name and details that might be used to identify you in order to maintain your confidentiality.