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How long is a session?
How much does it cost?
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How long is a session?

Cost of the service is an issue with most people, as is the amount of time allowed for a session. And yes, therapy is a time and financial commitment for any client who decides to seek the assistance of a mental health professional — what you get in return is an experienced, highly-trained professional who truly cares about you and your situation.

Becky sees clients for 55-minute sessions. The initial sessions are longer, however, because Becky must do an assessment for mental health issues, learn what the client is wanting to discuss, and ascertain what his or her goals for therapy are – this takes more time than the usual 55-minute session. The initial appointment for an individual is 90 minutes, and for couples or families, two-hours. (In most cases, at the end of the initial assessment session, Becky will be able to give the individual or couple a good idea of whether the issues are minor, moderate, or major in scope, and if possible, will describe what type of commitment an individual or couple will need to make to the therapeutic process. To make the initial appointment we require a valid credit card number on file. Forty-eight hours notice to cancel applies – if your appointment is on Monday, we need to know you’re not coming by the same hour as your appointment, but on the previous Friday.

How much will it cost?

Note: Effective July 1, 2016, rates will increase to the prices listed below. Clients who started prior to this date will continue at the previous price rates for the first six months of service. After six months have elapsed, rates will increase to the price rate set on July 1.

Why is there a rate increase? There’s a lot of money that goes into the help that Becky provides. In addition to paying for office space to meet clients, there are website maintenance costs, cellular service bills, and rising credit card fees that have to be paid. In short, the cost of providing quality service continues to rise and the rates for couples and families must change accordingly.

Individuals. The price for the initial 90-minute assessment for individuals is $275.

Couples therapy. All couples and families are required to begin the therapy process with at least a two-hour session, cost is $330. (Becky asks couples to spend at least two hours because we will need it!)

If at all possible, Becky highly recommends a couple consider an initial 3-hour session (cost $525) or the mini-marathon half-day session. The mini marathon is 210 minutes over 4-hours gives us lots of time to get a lot done – you won’t regret it! Cost for that is $660.

After initial sessions, a 55-minute session for an individual is $175.

Becky wants her couples to be successful, so following the initial appointment they will need to plan for at least 4 two-hour sessions before moving to the 55-minute format. We need the extended time!!!

Payment options: Cash, credit cards (Master Card, Visa, Am EX, and Discover) and checks, payable at time of service.


Also, individuals and families need to be aware that longer sessions are available. These are highly recommended for people traveling for sessions from distant locations as well as people in crisis, or those who intuitively know that one hour won’t be enough.

“We can get a lot done in longer sessions,” says Becky. “So I offer a multitude of options in order to accommodate that.”

The prices for the longer sessions (during regular hours) are as follows:

  • 90 minutes – $275 for couples & families (85 minute session with 5 minutes of wrap up).
  • 120 minutes – $350 for individuals, couples & families.
  • 3-hours – $525 for individuals, couples and families.
  • 4-hour “Mini marathon” Big News – Due to the long waits on the schedule for the mini marathon, Doctor Becky has set aside Fridays for the mini and longer marathon only! Designed for couples, this highly popular intervention is perfect for those in crisis or those wanting a lot of work done in a short time, and includes 210 minutes of therapy over 4 hours, plus one 15 minute break and one 10-minute break. – $700. (Note: One-half non-refundable deposit required to schedule, plus credit card on file. (72-hour cancellation notice required to not be charged full fee).
  • Week of Marital Magic. Monday – mini marathon from 9 am to 1 pm. Tuesday & Wednesday, 9 to 11:30 am., Thursday & Friday 9 to 12. 15 hours of intensive relationship therapy in one week, designed to educate and train you to experience tremendous changes. $2475.
  • Marital Marathon. Simply the best — for couples in crisis, those seeking a breakthrough, or even when feeling ambivalent and wanting clarity about whether or not to continue the relationship — 330 minutes of therapy over 7 hours … Cost: $1300. (Note: One-half non-refundable deposit required to schedule, plus credit card on file. 5-day cancellation notice required to not be charged full fee). For more information click here.
  • Crisis consultation. If you are someone who lives away from Little Rock and you are in urgent need of relationship advice, Doctor Becky can assist you.  This service costs more than normal counseling rates as it is understood that Doctor Becky will not be your therapist, but you are in need of short-term relationship advice. A 60-minute consultation is $275 and we can use phone, FaceTime or Skype. To arrange yours call (501) 590-9200 0r email
  • Weekends and after-hours. As of June 2015 Becky regrets that she no longer offers weekend and after-hours appointments.
  • House calls for couples. I will fly or drive to you, depending on where you live, and how accessible your area is. Advance payment required. Here are the options: 1. All-day Marital Marathon (see above) in your home or office. Cost: $3825 plus travel expenses. Three days of Marital Magic (see details above, but hours will be compacted into 3 days, not 5). $8745 plus travel expenses. Important note: Because of licensing and insurance issues, it must be clearly understood that I cannot be responsible for your mental health issues, and will not be your mental health provider or therapist. My purpose in states outside of Texas and Arkansas will be as a life coach, adviser and consultant, and you will be hiring me solely for the purpose of information and inspiration I provide as a relationship consultant.

I want to make an appointment.

Making an appointment with Becky is easy. You can either use our Online Appointment Scheduler, call 501-590-9200 or email at Once you tell us you want an appointment, we will work with you do to accommodate your schedule. Becky works Monday through Friday – Monday and Tuesday hours are 9 am to 4 pm. (She sees her last client starting at 4 pm). Wednesday and Thursday hours are 9 to 4 pm. (She sees her last client at 3 pm.). Friday is reserved for mini marathons and all-day marathons only.

The first appointment is 90 minutes long for individuals, and a minimum of two-hours for couples. To set the initial appointment up, we will need a credit card to reserve the time. Note: Forty-eight hours notice to cancel or reschedule a first-time appointment is required.

First appointment details: If a person makes an appointment, time and money will be saved if forms are filled out in advance, and Becky requires that couples arrive to the first appointment with forms filled-out. There are three ways to get the forms – by e-mail, snail mail, or download the forms on the “New Client” page by clicking here.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Doctor Becky’s office mate, therapist LEE ELLIS accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance! See more about her below or on the About Doctor Becky and Lee Ellis page. Contact her at 501-993-9023 or email to make an appointment.

As of April 1, 2007, Becky no longer accepts payment as an in-network provider for any health insurance plan. Why? Due to mountains of paperwork, frustrations and limitations imposed ON YOU by health insurance companies. For example, the number of visits you are able to receive are usually extremely limited. Still, if you have health insurance and want to be reimbursed, it is likely that it will be possible.

Filing your insurance for services performed by an out-of-network provider. Becky is considered to be an out-of-network provider by most health insurance companies. This means you may be reimbursed for her services at a different rate from what an in-network provider would accept. To find out what your health Insurance company reimburses for out-of-network providers you will need to call and find out.

Procedures from that point vary according to your plan. You may need prior approval for mental health services, or you may not. After a session, a client pays the therapist for the service, and the client is given a receipt which may be submitted to your health insurance company for reimbursement. In most cases you will be reimbursed for a percentage of the fee. In any event, the amount will usually go toward your deductible.

Is there any reason I might not want to use my mental health coverage provided by my insurance?

Maybe. Unfortunately, health insurance companies require that therapists give a patient an official “diagnosis” that we must select from the DSM-5 book of mental disorders. Many of us do not like being forced to give our clients a diagnosis described as a “mental disorder.” One major reason is that a mental health “disorder” diagnosis is likely to follow a person around for a long time and will remain as part of your permanent health record. If you do not want a mental health “disorder” diagnosis on your permanent health record, no matter how major or minor it may be, then you would be well-advised to remain a private paying client of your mental health provider.

When all else fails, we do accept credit cards!

Becky accepts credit cards including Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. In most cases clients arrange to have their card swiped one time so that the information is kept on record (in a safe and secure file) for every appointment. That way, the card is charged after each appointment and none of your therapy time is ever wasted paying the bills! (If we don’t do this, we stop at minute 50 so that you will have time to pay). Of course, cash and checks are accepted as well – and no matter which method you choose, we look forward to working with you in your health and healing process! Also, if for any reason you need other payment options or accommodations, such as making payments at a rate you can afford, please feel free to discuss your concerns with Becky. See you soon!

Therapy with Lee Ellis, LCSW

We offer an amazing form of therapy called Energy Healing with therapist, Lee Ellis. Lee deals with trauma and the difficulties of releasing negative feelings and energy such as guilt, resentment, and inability to recover from betrayals, grief and affairs. This type of energy healing offers the opportunity of amazing results in a short period of time. Doctor Becky highly endorses the wonderful work of Lee Ellis.

By appointment weekly from 9 am to 4 pm (last app’t is at 4). $125 for 50 minutes. Lee accepts cash, checks and credit cards, and accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. For an appointment call 501-993-9023 or email