Appointments for the week of June 23-28, 2014

Well it’s almost time to get back in the therapy saddle again. Rest assured that I will be ready with all of the enthusiasm and compassion I can muster. Looking at the calendar, here are the times we still have available:

Monday, June 23: 9 am (up to 2 hours available)

Tuesday, June 24: 10:30 am (1 hr), 4:15 pm, (1hr)

Wednesday, June 25: Morning available for mini-marathon and intakes. 2:30 pm (up to 2hrs)

Thursday, June 26: 2pm to 5 pm

Friday, June 27: Not available

Saturday, June 27. Booked.

If there isn’t a fit for you please call or email and get on our waiting list. A therapist’s schedule often gets changed around so you never know what might come up! See you soon! 

To book an appointment, simply call us at 501-590-9200 or click here.


These chairs are waiting for you!!

These chairs are waiting for you!!

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