We ain’t ashamed to say it — families are traveling and kids are out of school, so most therapist offices have slower traffic than usual in the summer. To encourage you to come in and do the work you know you need, try this:

  • Book three 55-minute sessions in 30 days and your 4th session is free: $480.*
  • Book every-other-week sessions for 10 weeks (5 sessions total) and get your last session free:  $640.*

*If you are a new client the initial intake is required in addition to the 55-minute sessions. With the summer discount, the initial individual and couple’s intakes are 10% off – $225 and $270 respectively. Also, sessions, including the intake,100_angerpic must be taken within the time period specified or discount does not apply.

Help-you-out discount: Available all year long – Becky believes every therapist should offer lower cost options for clients. Some offer sliding scale fees, but Becky does it another way so that every person has access to it. The lower-cost appointments are on Wednesdays, on a first-come, first-served basis and by request only. The appointment must begin between 10am and 2 pm. 90 minute intakes: $200, two-hour couples’ sessions are $250. Individual, couples, and families’ 55-minute sessions $140. See you on Wednesdays!

QUANTITY DISCOUNTS – Some clients like to pay for sessions in advance to reassure themselves, and/or hold themselves accountable to a continuing therapeutic process. For this, Becky offers two options:

10 sessions – Ten 55-minute sessions for everyone — $1500. Advance non-refundable payment required.


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