Would YOU date a therapist??

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Hi everyone,

I’m back again and dedicated to the proposition of helping people have better relationships! Thanks for checking in here, and I truly hope you will take part in the conversations here — what do YOU want to know? What do YOU want US to know?

One thing I want to know is … obviously I am a therapist, and also I am single. I can’t tell you how many people tell me, once they learn what I do, that they would never date a therapist!! I want to know why that would be? What would be the pros and cons? Does it really matter?

My attitude about being a therapist when it comes to my private life is, I would never try to fix anyone or offer advice unless I was asked to. I would think that presumptuous of me. I much prefer putting my friendship hat on and just listening, commenting, and hopefully, laughing. Still, what fascinates me is how many tell me they would never even give me or any other therapist that much of a chance for fear that I am sitting around analyzing them, and they don’t want that. Perhaps people also would be fearful of dating a psychic??

Are there any other professions you would steer clear of?? Please enlighten me …

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